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Humanitarian work

1996:   Humanitarian mission with Nelson Mandela, Pretoria, South Africa

1999:   UNICEF humanitarian mission, Bolivia

2000:   UNICEF humanitarian mission, Algeria

2005:   UNESCO Humanitarian honour bestowed by secretary-general

2006:   UNAIDS mission to Mozambique

2006:   March: founded AMOR (Aide Mondiale Orphelins Reconfort) to reduce maternal mortality and help orphans and children worldwide through health care and education, especially in Africa.

2009:   15 April: opened first AMOR maternity hospital in Kasese, Malawi with HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

2009:   27 April: appointed first Ambassador for Institut Pasteur (where the AIDS virus was first identified) Paris, France.

2010:   8 March: appointed Humanitarian Ambassador for the European Union to combat poverty and social exclusion, Brussels, Belgium.

2010:   November: Speaker, Women’s Forum, Deauville, France.

2011:   March: Speaker, International Women’s Day on behalf of refugees in Iraq.

2012:   June: further address at Villepinte, France, on behalf of Iraqi refugees.

2013:   Appointed Honorary Consul of Malawi to Monaco

2014:   speaker on ‘Audacity’, Cité de la Réussite, La Sorbonne, Paris, France.

2015:   Official partnership with AMOR and Monaco Princely Government

2015:   Joint project for girls school with the Vatican

2016: 7 January: officially appointed as a UN Women Global champion for Planet 50-50 by 2030

Visiting and meeting with Armando Guebuza, President of the Republique of Mozambique

Visiting and meeting with Armando Guebuza, President of the Republique of Mozambique

Concrete help given through AMOR

2007:   Collegio Infantil: orphanage providing practical help to mothers and orphaned children, Beira, Mozambique.

2009:   First maternity hospital in Malawi in Kasese in association with Lifeline Malawi

2010:   Mobile outreach clinics established in Malawi

2012:   Nandumbo eye clinic established, Nanthomba, Malawi

2013:   22 tonnes of medical and paediatric equipment sent to Malawi

2013:   Second maternity hospital in Malawi in Zomba

2014:   First school in Malawi, Nanthomba Primary School, opened in Liwonde in association with Help Malawi

2014:   12 cartons of medical equipment delivered to Queen Elizabeth Hospital , Blantyre Malawi

2014:   Exchange partnership and training programme with Princess Grace Hospital and AMOR 

2014:   Third maternity hospital in Malawi in Machinga

Recent TV and other media

2010:   ‘La Belle Humanitaire’ 52 minute documentary, France Television

2011:   Autobiography, ‘Beauty as a Weapon’ published, Michel Lafon, Paris, France

2013:   Sky News report from London, UK

2013:   Monaco television special report from Africa

2013:   Sky News report from Monaco

2013:   CCTV China, Special Report

2014:   Monaco television special report from Monaco

2014:   CNN special report, live from London, UK

2014:   ‘Arise Africa’ TV special report, live from London, UK

2014:   TVC News Live Africa special report

2014:   CCTV China , Special report Newshour

2015:   “Monaco Television special report”

2009 Ambassador Pasteur Institut

2010 Ambassador European Union for Humanitarian Causes

International Woman's Day speech

With Bernadette Chirac

​​At the European Commission

“Where there is poverty and AIDS, where human beings are being oppressed, there is more work to be done…”
“I know that thanks to who we are and our action we are building a force for change that will be the future of humanity.”
Tasha de Vasconcelos